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Fusion wood and resin pendant


Out of stock

This Symbolily has already been purchased but if you would like a similar one, send me a message.

Enrich your style with a handmade Symbolily Fusion pendant.

The pendants in resin and wood Symbolily Fusion is born when nature, with its natural forms, and resin come together and merge to create unique pieces. The craftsmanship of nature is unparalleled, and in the Symbolily Fusion pendants it is brought to the fore. Each piece of wood harvested in the forest is carefully sterilised by fire and combined with resin in a unique fusion; the pendant is then worked until the desired shape and lustre is achieved.

Whether you choose an existing pendant or contact me for an even more unique and customised piece, you can count on the fact that your Symbolily Fusion pendant will be absolutely unique and special.